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90-Day Plan

At Elkie Clinton Enterprises, we offer unparalleled tailored onboarding experiences that transcend conventional training methods, delivering elevated employee integration and empowerment to both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.


With over 15 years of expertise in training, learning, development, and new hire onboarding, we are deeply passionate about revolutionizing the onboarding journey for all. Our specialized consulting services are designed to engage and empower your new hires within the crucial first 90 days, whether in person or through virtual platforms. We provide your organization with a meticulously crafted, implementable plan for success, ensuring a seamless and effective onboarding process.


Our ultimate goal is to relieve managers of this responsibility and transform the onboarding process into a clear and structured transition for your new talent, setting the stage for their optimal productivity and success in the critical initial period. Let Elkie Clinton Enterprises be your trusted partner in creating a better onboarding experience that fosters growth, engagement, and lasting success for your business.

Are your onboarding practices reaching their full potential? Find out with our exclusive Assessment Quiz! Unearth insights into your current strategies and pinpoint areas for improvement. Our interactive quiz is your first step towards unlocking a seamless onboarding experience that breeds success.

Offering a comprehensive solution tailored to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, we address a common challenge faced by new hires in corporate settings. During their critical initial weeks, many new hires find themselves overwhelmed by chaotic onboarding processes lacking clear direction. In fact, a staggering 58% of new hires complain that onboarding merely revolves around paperwork, leaving them to navigate the process alone, without the support to voice their concerns.


Our specialized program alleviates these issues by providing a structured and empowering onboarding experience. Gone are the days of managers doubling as trainers while juggling daily work responsibilities. With our expertise, new hires receive focused coaching from skilled professionals, ensuring a smooth transition and fostering an environment where challenges can be openly addressed. Elevate your onboarding process and maximize the potential of your new talent with our tailored solution, exclusively designed for Fortune 500 companies.

Onboarding made easy!

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